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What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is EFTel's online customer portal that helps you to manage your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can do many account-related tasks online at a time that suits you, including:

  • View details about your EFTel services including pricing and usage information
  • Update your personal and payment information
  • View your transaction history and outstanding invoices
  • Make payments
  • Purchase prepaid dialup time
  • Report and track ADSL faults

Benefits of MyAccount

  • Have greater control over your EFTel service(s)
  • Instant access to your account information
  • Avoid waiting in busy telephone queues
  • Make changes to your account when it's convenient for you.

How do I login?

To login to MyAccount, go to http://www.eftel.com.au and select the MyAccount option on the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will need to enter your EFTel username (which is also your EFTel email address) and password. Please call our Accounts team on 1300 550 550 (option 3) if you do not know what your username or password are.

If you are using a dialup connection or are experiencing difficulty viewing MyAccount, we recommend that you select to view the ‘MyAccount Lite option' (available on the login page and at the bottom of the screen once you have logged in).

EFTel MyAccount features

MyAccount home screen

  • Invoice History - This displays a historical list of your invoices and payments.
  • Make Payment - This option allows you to make a credit card payment.
  • Contact Details - This feature allows you to view and change the personal details we have recorded for you, including your address and contact information. You can also elect to switch off paper invoicing, part of EFTel's Tread Lightly green initiative.
  • Contact Us - This feature allows you to contact Accounts or Helpdesk by completing an online form that will email the relevant department.
  • Sign Off - Select this icon when you have finished using MyAccount. It will log you out of the portal and is of particular importance if you are using a shared computer as it will prevent other people accessing your account information.

Dialup and ADSL features:

  • View usage - This feature allows you to see the dates and length of your Internet sessions. You can also view the data you have downloaded and uploaded in a specific time.
  • Webmail - This links to the login page for your EFTel email.
  • Web statistics - Most EFTel Internet services include personal webspace which you can use to build your own website. This link allows you to view the web statistics for your website.
  • Change Password - Click here to change the password to your account.
  • Email management - This feature allows you to create a new EFTel email address.
  • Email forwarding - Use this option to forward emails that are sent to your EFTel email address to a nominated external address such as your hotmail, yahoo or work email address.
  • Change payment details - This option displays your current payment details and allows you to update them.
  • Switch to auto-payment - This feature enables you to switch to Auto-pay, EFTel's convenient auto-payment method, which automatically debits your nominated credit card or bank account each month on the due date.
  • Register a domain - This option allows you to apply to register a domain name for your business or personal website.

Prepaid dialup features:

  • Purchase time - This page displays the amount of prepaid time you currently have remaining and allows you to purchase more prepaid time.

ADSL-specific features:

  • ADSL connection details - If you have an EFTel ADSL connection, this page provides you with information about your ADSL service, including a history of the connection, plan features and usage details. If you have recently signed up to ADSL, this page also allows you to track the progress of your ADSL application and the expected completion date.
  • Report ADSL fault - This option allows you to log an ADSL fault online. An email will be sent to EFTel's advanced support team who will handle the fault resolution process.
  • View ADSL faults - This page provides a fault report history of your ADSL connection and allows you to view the progress of a currently reported fault.
  • Relocate ADSL - If you are moving house and need to transfer your EFTel ADSL and telephone services, you can now process a relocation request via this page. Please note that this feature only allows you to move your current plan(s). If you would like to change your plan at your new premises, please contact EFTel Accounts by emailing accounts@eftel.com.au and an EFTel representative will be happy to assist you.
  • Change service - Have you been considering upgrading your broadband plan to a faster speed or increasing your monthly data allowance? You can now change your service by clicking on this option. We recommend that you have a look at our broadband plans and associated service details before completing the plan change in MyAccount.

Speak telephone features

  • View local/service calls - This allows you to view all local and service calls which have been made from your landline telephone service. You can view call information between a specified period of time and view the costs and duration of individual calls.
  • View rates for local/service calls - This displays the current call rates for local and service calls for your telephone service.
  • View long distance/mobile calls - This allows you to view all national, international and fixed-line to mobile calls which have been made from your landline telephone service. You can view call information between a specified period of time and view the costs and duration of individual calls.
  • View rates for long distance/mobile calls - This displays the current international and fixed-line to mobile call rates for your telephone service.

Future improvements

We are working to implement further changes that will improve your MyAccount experience and allow you to do even more online. We hope to introduce the following options in the near future:

  • Improvements to the ‘Change Service' page - Currently, this option is only available to ADSL1 customers who wish to change to another ADSL1 service. Eventually, this option will be expanded so that customers can change between and/or add new Speak telephone, Dialup and ADSL2+ services to their account.
  • Relocation options - We would like to expand on this feature to allow customers with telephone only to relocate this service, and to provide the option for customers to change their ADSL or telephone plan as part of the relocation process.
  • Display of usage information - Currently, usage information is displayed in a tabular format. We would like to display this information graphically, so that customers may better understand their usage patterns and adjust their services accordingly.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve your MyAccount experience. Please send your feedback to feedback@eftel.com.au. All comments are appreciated.

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