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To grow by enabling as many people as possible to communicate across their world. We achieve this through a commitment to teamwork, integrity and beneficial relationships.

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Eftel Ltd is a broadband network operator. Through ownership and partnership it provides access to Australia's sixth largest Broadband footprint. It has offices in Perth and Melbourne and operates a state-of-the-art Business Processing Centre located at Cyberjaya in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Multimedia Super Corridor.

Eftel has several business divisions which utilise the company's network. These operations are wholesale, retail and corporate. 

Eftel Corporate is among Australia's most reliable ISPs, offering tailored solutions to business and government clients throughout Australia. It is a preferred supplier to the Victorian Government. 

Eftel Retail is a Top 10 Internet Service Provider offering a full suite of consumer Internet products. Its dedicated broadband service aaNet is one of Australia's most popular providers among industry opinion leaders, receiving high customer satisfaction ratings in both the PC Authority and Australian Broadband surveys.

Eftel Wholesale services a quarter of Australia's ISPs with a range of services including IP, co-location, dialup ports and DSL Broadband.

In 2009 Eftel Prepaid was launched as Australia's first prepaid fixed-line broadband service. The product is available for new customers only, at http://prepaid.eftel.com.au.

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